About Me

Hi, my name is Mitchell McAulay-Powell, and I am marriage celebrant that specialises in creating unforgettable moments. Tailored ceremonies to cherish your special occasions. Your ceremony, your way.

I bring confidence, kindness, a stress-free journey and a ceremony based on what you want. I have a big heart, big gestures, and a lot of love to give. Feel free to check out these reviews on my services. I am based in Central Queensland but I am open to travel anywhere for your ceremony.

My Role

I am authorized by the government to legally conduct wedding and elopement ceremonies. My role is to officiate and lead these ceremonies in a legal and meaningful way. I help couples create personalized and unique ceremonies that reflect their values, beliefs, and preferences. I also ensure that all legal requirements are met during the ceremony, such as signing and submitting marriage documents to make your ceremony legally valid. There is more information in the FAQ section in regard to the legal components.

Process & Fees

The bare basics to get married in Australia are:

You need to be 18 years or older, not related, not already married, and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form with appropriate ID sighted 31 days before your wedding date. On your wedding day, you need to exchange vows and sign three certificates. You will also need two witnesses over the age of 18 years to sign these documents.

After your ceremony I will lodge the registration of your marriage with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Wedding Pricing 2024


$ 450
  • Available any day, any time and wherever your heart may take you.
  • Supply, prepare and lodge all legally required documents.
  • Creation of a ceremony that reflects your relationship.
  • Celebrants attire suited to your dress code and colour scheme.


$ 550
  • Face to face meetings and ongoing communication to discuss all plans leading up to ceremony.
  • Unique ceremony & experience tailored for each couple.
  • Preparation & lodgement of all legal documentation.
  • Celebrants attire suited to your dress code and colour scheme.

Master of Ceremonies for Reception

$ 400
  • Face to face meetings and ongoing communication to discuss all plans leading up to ceremony.
  • Easy, stress free and organised reception to allow you to have fun.
  • Sound equipment, speeches and running all approved beforehand.

*There prices are set at a 50km travel radius. Travel fees up to $75 may be added. 


The answer is simply the amount of people at your ceremony. The legal processes are the exact same. Most celebrants for elopements have up to 6 people at your ceremony. I have up to 20 (this is negotiable, I am quite flexible if you have more).

•  Notice of Intended Marriage form [or NOIM] (needs to be a done a minimum of a month before your ceremony, shortening of time is available with certain situations)

•  Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (generally done the day before but this just requires your signatures to consent to the ceremony)

•  Marriage Certificate (3– the pretty one, the one I send to the government and the one I keep)


During a wedding ceremony, there are certain words that need to be said to make your wedding or elopement legal. Here’s a simple and fun way to explain them:

Monitum: Imagine your love story is a beautiful road trip. Well, the Monitum is like the big signpost you pass that says, “Hey, you’re officially entering Marriage Land!” It’s the part where I remind everyone that marriage is a serious and lifelong commitment. It’s like the seatbelt on this adventure – it keeps you safe, secure, and ready for the journey ahead. It is a legal requirement and the exact words are located in the Marriage Act.

Legal Vows: These are promises set out in the Marriage Act that make your wedding of elopement legally binding. It must be said word for word (only a few changes of words can be made depending on your sexual Identity) and full names (including middle names) must be used and said by both the Groom and the Bride. Here is an example of what the Groom says: Groom repeat after me. “I call upon the persons here present to witness that I GROOM’S FULL NAME, take thee BRIDE’S FULL NAME, to be my lawful wedded wife in marriage.

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